"Brave SISTERS" - 2021

our first year of activism

On the International Safe Abortion Day, the 28th of September 2020 the feminist and humanist organization Center for Civil Courage launched its project “Brave Sisters – Women’s Support Network for Abortion Rights”.

We can proudly say – 40 educated women from all over Croatia psychologically and morally support women in terminating pregnancies. Always in contact by phone, our Brave Sisters explain medical and/or procedural questions, encourage women, and accompany them to medical examinations and during abortion itself. We trust women.

The new 15 women are currently in training to become Brave Sisters.

As a rule, two brave sisters take part in supporting a woman. The founder of the network Nada Peratovic (picture) takes the woman’s call or e-mail, gives her the first important information and provides calming conversations if necessary, and then connects the woman with another brave sister (u blizini?) who accompanies her to the hospital and brings her back home after the medical procedure.

Sometimes several supportive discussions are necessary, sometimes it is also important to just say good night – so that the woman knows that she is not alone, that we are always there for her.

Simultaneously we created our website with crucial information about abortion procedures (surgical or medical), information about our services, relevant articles, and information about sexual and reproductive rights. We included a direct contact form and a WhatsApp application on the site – so women can reach us night and day.

At a time when elected political representatives and, unfortunately, for the most part, the gynecological profession itself (59% of them, in public hospitals, are refusing to perform an abortion on religious grounds) is undermining the reproductive rights of women in Croatia, the Brave Sisters provide unconditional support and protection to a woman with an unwanted pregnancy in understanding her own reproductive rights thus creating a welcoming, supportive environment for women, and playing an essential role in de-stigmatising abortion

By the end of 2020, over 130 women from all over Croatia and abroad have applied. A huge number of women who have not been included in any activist work so far have reached out to us. After the selection process, we proceeded with our education cycle for the first generation of Brave Sisters from 7th of March until the 26th of March 2021. The educational program encompassed seven online lectures about basic medicine conception and abortion, basic knowledge about psychological assistance, and basic knowledge about the feminist movement. We included various expert lecturers such as female gynecologists, psychologists, academic experts, and members of the Center. Introduction lecture was conducted by founder and director of Women on Waves and Women on Web, dr. med. Rebecca Gomperts.

Till the 31st December 2021, we provided service and support to twenty-eight (28) women. Our services include providing medical, science-based, and/or procedural information, debunking false information from websites of anti-abortion organizations, giving information about the best, caring nearby hospital, giving moral and psychological support, and accompanying women to the procedure itself.

Every woman who asked for our help has her story and reasons why she wants to terminate a pregnancy. We had young students, whose parents didn’t know they were going to abortion, women from women’s safe houses, foreigners who live in Croatia, women who had to have an abortion because of the malformation of the fetus, mothers, who were again pregnant and couldn’t have/didn’t want another child, raped and beaten women. Sometimes the partners or family members were supportive, sometimes the women were harassed by them and found moral support and strength talking to us. We had an encounter with domestic violence and other forms of violence against women in that case we intervene in cooperation with local women’s organizations dealing with domestic violence and relevant institutions.

In one case, when a woman found herself alone in front of the hospital because a close person who was supposed to accompany her at the last minute was prevented, the (first) Brave Sister managed to find a company in less than half an hour, who literally “rushed” to the hospital. At the same time, the (third) Brave Sister secured to the woman a friend’s apartment as a temporary resting place after the medical procedure. This feminist solidarity was so quick and immediate and brought together four women from different cities and organizations. It gave this project a special dimension. By bringing together women in difficult situations with activists from other women’s organizations, we seek to help women beyond our original mission.

We would like to describe the support for a woman, which is especially dear to our hearts(?) and for which we decided to extend our initial support for abortion to our new project Guardiansupport for women in overcoming toxic or violent relationships.

A young woman, who was a victim of many years of severe partner violence (and never had the sincere support of her family) is now under our protection. We followed her during the abortion and then supported her psychologically and legally in her decision to divorce. Empowered by our support, the woman soon found a job and is preparing a new home for herself and the children. We are in constant telephone contact, we jointly agree on her every further step towards independence and a dignified life without violence. One of the Brave Sisters invited her to the sea this summer so that she could spend a few carefree days with her children, away from the violence and humiliation to which she had been exposed for too long.

The next case is a young woman (18) who was a victim of human trafficking. She managed to escape from the perpetrator and return to her family in Croatia. Unfortunately, she was pregnant, and a hospital in Croatia falsely advised her about her right to terminate a pregnancy on demand, and by postponing medical examinations deliberately brought her to a date when legal abortion on demand was no longer possible. They mockingly “congratulated” her that she would give birth now, even though she was ready to take her own life at the very thought. Her fate and the heartless behavior of the hospital staff aroused resentment in us – on recommendation we contacted a women’s organization in the Netherlands that mainly helps women from Poland and reported her to a clinic that performs abortions in the second trimester. (In the Netherlands, abortions on request are allowed until the end of the 18th, ie sometimes the 22nd week of pregnancy). Two women from our network accompanied the young girl and her older sister on that journey. One Brave Sister was allowed to be in the clinic with the young woman on the day of the procedure, translating the doctor’s instructions to her, calming her in an unfamiliar environment by holding her hand. Both women’s organizations have shared the costs of terminating abortions, flights, and hotels – international women’s solidarity at its best! After the violence and institutional discrimination she has survived, the young woman now has a second chance at a new, better life.

In order that our women’s network can continue to support and accompany women, we would like to ask you for a donation – since all Brave Susters work on a voluntary basis in the network, the donations are now only used for the costs we incur. We will keep you updated on everything. We thank you for your solidarity, also on behalf of the women who we will support and accompany.

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