Launch of the project


On the International Day of Safe Abortion on September 28, 2020, the Croatian humanist and feminist association Center for Civil Courage launched its newest feminist project: “Brave Sisters“. Following the example of our humanist colleagues from the Dutch Humanist Association (Dutch Humanistisch Verbond), we established a network of women in Croatia who provide support to women who decide they want to have an abortion.

This type of activism differs from the loud – but no less important – political advocacy regarding the right to safe, free, and legal abortion (without mandatory counseling), which we pursue in common with all feminist associations in Croatia. But our feminist struggle is multidimensional, and in this new path, we will offer a hand of solidarity to women who specifically ask us for support.

Over 150 women from all over Croatia and abroad have applied. The testimonies of these women, their concern, but also their determination confirmed that we did well in launching this project. Feminist and humanist activists from the USA, Canada, Ireland, England, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia, and Serbia are participating in this project. 

After the end of the application period, our main goal was the education of women in three fields: basic medicine about conception and abortion, basic knowledge about psychological assistance, and basic knowledge about the feminist ethics of solidarity. Even if some brave sisters would never get the chance to be a company to a woman, they would be enough prepared to spread their knowledge in their communities and thus stop the prejudice, stigma, and unscientific claims of the anti-abortion movement.

Now we can proudly say – 50 brave sisters are ready to support and accompany women on abortion.

In 2021 we supported 28 women, till End of October 2022 we have already supported 220 women.

Brave Sisters provide unconditional support and protection to women with unwanted pregnancies in understanding their own reproductive rights. Brave Sisters psychologically and morally support women in their decision to have an abortion, they provide all essential information to them, and they accompany them to the hospital for examinations, and during the procedure itself.

Brave Sisters contribute to creating welcoming, supportive environments for women, and play an essential role in de-stigmatizing abortion. 

At a time when elected political representatives and, unfortunately, for the most part, the gynecological profession itself is undermining the reproductive rights of women in Croatia, it is our responsibility to provide an atmosphere of security and respect for the women who turn to us for support. 

We invite doctors, medical staff, feminists, humanists, and also other activists from abroad to join our network freely. Contact us!

Picture: Nada Peratović, founder of the Center for Civil Courage, and initiator of the Women’s Abortion Network “Brave Sisters”